Snowmobile club


Our 2016 Member of the year belongs to Richard "Dick" Muggli.  Dick has been an active member with the Sno-Serpents for many years.  For many years Dick was the first and occasionally the only member out on the trails early to get them ready for the upcoming season.  He worked closely with the County and the DNR to coordinate and resolve issues with the trail system.  Our current trails would not be possible without the endless hours that Dick put in to our trail system.  He still is a very active member and attends all of our meetings and events.  He rides his snowmobile daily if conditions allow.  Dick is a very deserving recipient of our member of the year award.  Congratulations Dick !!! We appreciate all you do. 

Dick and Pat Muggli moved to the area shortly after they retired in 1999. Dick had always been an avid snowmobiler starting with a 1969 Arctic Cat Panter. After getting settled into the area, Dick got bored and needed something to do. About that time, the trail coordinator position had come open with the club and the deal was made with his son Dennis, "you tak the position and I'll do the running." So, Dick's work started with the club. Many trips to the state and county offices in Brainerd, picking up sign orders and dropping off paperwork. About that time, the county mandated to trail markers on trees anymore, and Dick probably relocated about 90% of the club's signs to steel posts. He put in a lot of posts, and every time the posts were longer, so then his 6'5" kid would here about it. He went to all of the meetings with the start of the bike groups and the rec area, and kept his son updated on what they were trying to pull next. Dick worked with MN DNR Forestry and Crow Wing County on the design and reroute of the trail system south and west of Velvet Lake near Crosslake. He built a rack on the back of his old 2up Cougar to carry his chainsaw and some extra signs, and would be the first on the trails in the fall checking them. For many years, Dennis would get daily trail reports of where the groomer needed to go to next and how much better -or worse- the connecting trails were than ours. Dick has slowed down some in the last few years but made his son proud 4 years ago at the age of 75 when he asked "Do you think I should buy a new sled?" Dennis said "hell yeah"!

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