Snowmobile club

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the veep…

Another season of snowmobiling is almost here! Hopefully we will get the snow we deserve this time!

We have a new groomer on order that should arrive over the next couple of months. We have been anticipating the purchase of a new groomer for a number of years now and we were finally able to get one made for us. I'm sure our operators are excited to try out the new technology and to offer us the best trails possible with our new equipment. As riders, we are excited to ride on the greatest trails in the state that are sure to be groomed better than ever. I can't wait.

While some issues our club has faced over the last year have really tested us, I believe we will become a much stronger and more active club in the future. We have added a number of new members over the past year and I would like to welcome each and every one to our great club. It is nice to hear some new ideas that new members offer, rather than continue doing things the same way we have always done because it is easy. New ideas make us old dogs think more and that is a good thing! We are currently working on some new highly visible trail signs and hope to have them mounted soon. I think they will be a great addition to our trail system. A special thanks to all who worked on the new signage and another special thanks to all of the sponsors that made these signs possible. The law of averages should be with us this year as we are long past due for an excessive snow year, by all averages we should be inundated with moisture this time around. If anyone finds any areas on our trail system that you believe need some more attention, please don't hesitate to contact us through our webpage and we can look at the area in question.

Be safe out there on the trails and remember to take a kid snowmobiling!!! Those young snowmobilers are our future!


Rob :)


the prez...

Hi to all;

I'm sitting at my desk (wishing it was a snowmobile) and looking outside and wondering how soon we will receive some additional snow to really improve our trails out there.  Hopefully it will be very soon.  I know everyone of us is very eager to get some extended riding.  Despite the limited snowfall we are facing I am really encouraging each of you to join the Sno Serpents snowmobile club and if not our club at least join MNUSA.  MNUSA is the voice for all of us at the state level.  For only $20.00 you can become a member of MNUSA and by joining you will also receive eight issues of Minnesota  Snowmobile magazine.  For only $30.00 you get the membership in MNUSA and also in Sno Serpents Snowmobile Club.  What a great deal!  It takes all of us to keep our sport alive and well.  Trails don't  happen by themselves!  Keep thinking SNOW!!!

Thanks again, ride safe!

Craig :)