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Snowmobile club


the prez...

Hi to all;

I have been snowmobiling for 50 years and many things have changed for the better. When I first became a member in the 70's, we met at the White Pine Bar (on Serpent Lake) and we all decided where we would ride. There were no groomed or maintained trails at this time, we just hoped we didn't ride somewhere dangerous or across some landowner's property that didn't want a snowmobile doing that.

Sno-Serpents club is one of the many snowmobile clubs in Minnesota that make and maintain many miles of trails. Without the hard work of all these clubs, the trails would be nonexistent.

-We have 2 groomers now and that will mean we can groom our 89 miles of trails in a timely manner.

-We plan weekly rides during adequate amounts of snowfall

-We need new members to stir things up a little bit and get new ideas

-We meet every month from September through May (Second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM) at the clubhouse in Deerwood.
How can you help you ask? Join a club. Your local club, our club, MnUSA (State Snowmobile Club). Get involved, join a club, and smile when you ride this great state knowing you helped.

Thank you and have a good and safe time this season,

John V. Taylor


the veep…

Be safe out there on the trails and remember to take a kid snowmobiling!!! Those young snowmobilers are our future!