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the veep...

It's that time of year again that we start working on trails for the upcoming snowmobiling season. We are hoping for some good snowfall accumulations this year...we are well overdue! One of the issues that we always encounter with low snowfall is that many riders fail to license their snowmobiles because they fear they may not be riding much if there is such little snow. The problem with that type of thinking is that if there is not enough funds from licensing in the snowmobile fund, then all riders suffer. Without enough funding, trails won't receive the work and grooming that all of us riders expect from our great trails in Minnesota. Unfortunately, most riders are unaware that snowmobiling in Minnesota is a self sustaining sport. We receive no funding from taxes or government funds with the exception of a small portion from the gasoline tax on purchases. All of our funding comes from registering your snowmobile when it is due. Please remember to get those licenses when they are due...we are counting on you!

For those of you riders that are not currently members of a snowmobile club, please seriously consider joining your local club. The majority of our 22,000 plus miles of great snowmobile trails in Minnesota are on private property that clubs have worked out agreements with the landowners to have these trails cross their property. Along with that issue is that all of that grooming on these trails are performed by your local snowmobile clubs. Membership numbers need to remain high to ensure that these beautiful Minnesota trails continue to be the best in the nation. Join your local club and help out when you can.

That's it for now...Ride safe out there!


the prez...

Hi to all;

I'm sitting at my desk (wishing it was a snowmobile) and looking outside and wondering how soon we will receive some additional snow to really improve our trails out there.  Hopefully it will be very soon.  I know everyone of us is very eager to get some extended riding.  Despite the limited snowfall we are facing I am really encouraging each of you to join the Sno Serpents snowmobile club and if not our club at least join MNUSA.  MNUSA is the voice for all of us at the state level.  For only $20.00 you can become a member of MNUSA and by joining you will also receive eight issues of Minnesota  Snowmobile magazine.  For only $30.00 you get the membership in MNUSA and also in Sno Serpents Snowmobile Club.  What a great deal!  It takes all of us to keep our sport alive and well.  Trails don't  happen by themselves!  Keep thinking SNOW!!!

Thanks again, ride safe!

Craig :)