Craig Henningson


mark johnson


Mark has been grooming trails for 9 years for the Sno-Serpents.  He and his wife Kathy have 2 kids and have lived in the area for 10 years now.



Craig has had several roles with the Sno-Serpents, and is now serving as the Treasurer. Craig and his family are avid snowmobilers and very active in all of the club's activities.


trail coordinator

James is in his second year as trail coordinator.  he has lived in the area his whole life. James is employed for the City of Crosby.  James is also a member of the Minnesota National Guard. 

rob geske

vice president

Rob accepted the Vice President role again this year.  He and his wife Mona are avid riders and are lifelong residents of our area. 

Paula is a lifelong resident of the area.  She has taken over the secretary duties from Dan Lueck so that he could finally get a break.  Paula and husband Jim are avid riders and very active in the Sno-Serpents club.

dennis muggli


Dennis recently accepted the role of President.  He has held many positions for the Sno-Serpents over his long membership with the club.  Dennis and his family are avid riders and have lived in the area for years.  He brings a lot of experience to the club.


Snowmobile club

gary whipple


Gary is our newest groomer.  With the lack of snow lately he hasn't been able to spend much time in the groomer.  He and his wife Sue have lived in the area for years and are avid snowmobilers.  Gary also enjoys racing vintage race cars and crashing into fences while bar stool racing.